At Danfisk, sustainability is many things. We want to protect the prosperity of the earth, as well as of animals and humans. By taking the small steps, we are confident that we can contribute to the big picture.

We want to help the animals by offering omega 3 rich oils, which contribute to the maintenance of some of the animals' characteristics. Our products are produced from sustainable raw materials. The oil is extracted from salmon cuts from farmed salmon, creating a cycle as the entire salmon is used. We are MSC / ASC certified, which testifies to the use of sustainable raw materials. With our certification, we can ensure that the salmon has been caught and filleted in a decent way.

To make our efforts concrete, we have focused on three world goals:

World Goal 3 describes the efforts for health and well-being among people. We can therefore not focus on the specific sub-goals.

Instead, we focus on pet health and well-being. By using Danfisk's omega 3 oils, pets achieve maintenance of joints and skin, while the oil also makes the coat shinier. At the same time, the animal also traps less.

Our experience also shows that all kinds of pets love the taste of Danfisk salmon oil. This gives them more appetite.

World Goal 12 is about responsible consumption and production.

We produce our oils in Hanstholm, Denmark's leading consumer fishing port. In addition, we get our raw materials from Denmark and Norway.

We have a production plant that can produce efficiently. Likewise, we only buy raw materials for the quantity we want to produce. We, therefore, consider the production process to be sustainable.

Salmon oil can become too old and to ensure that we do not waste production and finished goods, we only produce a quantity that we know we can sell.

The UN's 14th world goal describes life in the sea.

We regard this world goal as our core goal. Danfisk and the production facilities are MSC / ASC certified, which means that we can ensure traceability and the quality of the fish.

Danfisk uses farmed salmon for our salmon oil. In this way, we ensure that the salmon have grown up in a proper environment, for which we are sure of how the fish is caught and how it is filleted.