Danfisk's products are produced at our own factory in Hanstholm, close to Hanstholm Harbor, Denmark's leading consumer fishing harbor.

The raw materials consist of fresh fish raw materials from Denmark and Norway. Everything is checked.

Our fish oil is distinguished by having an extremely low degree of rancidity and a high degree of purity. In addition, it is also easily preserved, so that durability is ensured.

Danfisk is MSC / ASC certified, which means that the MSC / ASC raw materials we use are sustainable and their origin can be traced all the way back to the source. Look at the packaging for each product to see if it is certified.

Both MSC / ASC and other cut-off products we use are utilized 100%, nothing is thrown away. The residual product from our production, ie the proteins, is used for animal feed.

There are numerous studies of the many benefits that salmon oil has over dogs and cats. In Denmark, we can only emphasize that quality salmon oil, like ours, maintains the animal's joints and skin and strengthens and polishes the animal's fur. In addition, fish oil has a high Omega-3 content compared to other pet products. We encourage you to search the web to read about the many other benefits that can be had.

Most (in fact all as far as we can see) pets get very excited about the taste, which spices up any meal. It's a pleasure to see how much joy it brings!

The salmon oil has a nice orange color, which reflects the freshness of the product.