Salmon Oil

Danfisk Salmon Oil has a nice orange color, which reflects the freshness of the product. When applied in pet food, the oil contributes to and maintains the animal's fur, skin, and joints. Salmon oil can be used to advantage for animals with matt fur. In addition, the oil has a high content of omega 3, which derives these benefits.

We do not guarantee that the pet's fur will not be discolored by the oil, but have not yet experienced cases of this.

Salmon oil 250 ML

The 250 ml bottle is suitable for cats and small dogs, such as cotton dogs and dachshunds.

Salmon oil 500 ML

The 500 ml bottle is suitable for monthly consumption for medium-sized dogs, such as Labrador and Golden Retriever.

Salmon oil 1 L

The 1 L bottle is suitable for monthly consumption for large dogs, such as Sankt Bernhard.

Salmon oil 5 L

5 liters can be considered a stock of the oil, which lasts a year and a half. One can advantageously pour from this size to a smaller one.


Danfisk recommends using the unit of measurement 5 ml of salmon oil per 10 kg of body weight as a daily dose.

1 pump equals 2 ml.

In the table to the right, you can see how much salmon oil you need per month divided into different dog breeds.

See further dosing instructions under "dosage" in the quality sector.


Weight in kg 

Consumption per month in ml.

Sankt Bernhard



Golden Retriever



Cocker Spaniel



Cotton dog






Do you want a larger batch or quantity?

If you are interested in buying salmon oil in larger quantities, this is also an option. Danfisk offers to sell whole pallets with bottled products in our bottles with our label. Otherwise, a private label is also an option if you want your own brand on the packaging.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to buy salmon oil in large IBC containers of 1000 L. Just contact us and get a price.

We sell to retail, wholesalers, and industry.

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