Omega 3 fish oil for pet food

Danfisk offers several omega 3 products as a feed that ensures your pet has a shinier coat and maintains skin and joints.

NOTE: Danfisk only sells to wholesale joints or in 1,000 L tanks. If you want to become a distributor, please contact us at

About Danfisk

At Danfisk, we produce our omega 3 oils at our own production facility located at Hanstholm Harbor, Northern Europe's largest fishing port for consumer fishing.

We thus ensure the quality of the product through all stages from purchasing, production, and all the way until the item is delivered to you.

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Danfisk Salmon Oil, produced on sustainable by-products from salmon.

Danfisk offers salmon oil in bottle sizes 250 ml to 5 L. In addition, you can also buy whole pallets or in bulk (IBC tank).

Reviews from our customers

"Our 5-year-old dog is SO happy when it gets Danfisk's salmon oil, eats its dry food twice as fast and the coat has got a nice new shine."

- Charlotte, Holte

"Our beagles, Java and Bailey, both really enjoy the salmon oil from Danfisk. Not only does the oil keep their fur shiny and soft, but it also maintains their immune system and gives them the energy to play together all day. Salmon oil has definitely been a game-changer for our dogs' well-being!"

- Asta, Århus

"After just a few weeks with salmon oil from Danfisk, my horse has got a shiny and shiny coat! I give my warmest recommendations!"

- Trine, Sønderborg

"Our Labrador, Lia, loves salmon oil. In just a few weeks, we have seen very positive results. She has got a shiny and much softer coat. In addition to the visible effects, we are of course also enthusiastic about the idea that the grant strengthens her joints and helps to ensure her inner well-being."

- Anne Marie, Vibøge

"My name is Maddie, and I'm the most amazing little 3-year old French bulldog in the world.

Danfisk's salmon oil is just so delicious, my coat has become even nicer after, I have started consuming my 5 ml oil a day; that I then also became a real water dog is an extra side benefit. My people have started to check if I am also developing swimming skin.

My coat has not turned orange, otherwise, it could be very fat, then I would be the only orange noise in the whole world, it would fit very well into my self-perception of being quite unique. "

 - Maddie, 3 årig fransk Bulldog



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